Feral Light – Psychic Contortions CD


1. Enveloped And Transformed (6:16)
2. Ills Of Closure (5:55)
3. Self Disavow (5:34)
4. Attainment (3:58)
5. Wells Of Blackness (4:57)
6. Communion and Reckoning (5:59)
7. From Fog (2:32)

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A mysterious two-piece black metal/crust enigma hailing from Minnesota, USA, FERAL LIGHT feature ex-members of WOLVHAMMER, EMPIRES, MANETHEREN, and CENSOR.

The band plays grim and sorrowful black metal entwined with savage and unyielding crust punk, with layers of post metal leanings.

“Psychic Contortions” is FERAL LIGHT’s fourth full-length album, the most mature and the one that best harmonizes the various souls of the band in dense and electrifying compositions.

The record lives up to its title, it is a work full of pathos that arises from the contrast between corrosive atmospheres and the typical aggressiveness of black metal married to dark and smoky melodies that seem to tell of nightmares and ugly psychedelic trips.

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