Locus Mortis – Voust CD


1. Lasciate Che Vengano A Me 05:23
2. La XIII Porta 05:35
3. Sonno Eterno 06:02
4. Resti 05:02
5. Avvento 05:22
6. Il Respiro Dei Morti 05:28
7. Tempus Mortis 04:04
8. Voust 06:19

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Slipcase Cd . After the positive feedbacks for the debut album stronger then ever also because of the involvement on the line-up of the talented Tregenda’s drummer, Locus Mortis (MZ & RM of URNA) are back with an album that is their consecration. Occult Black Metal with an impressive evocative strength, against the over-pollution of this “occult” label they draw the same to another level of knowledge. Acta Non Verba.

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