Noite – A Cor do Fogo CD


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1. Noite Eterna (6:15)
2. A Cor do Fogo (5:46)
3. No Inferno e Na Terra (5:44)
4. Centelha (3:22)
5. Monstro Adormecido (5:06)
6. Marcha do Caldeir
ão (3:58)


Total Time 30:11

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Shrouded in incense and sulphur smokes, NOITE (Night) is an experimental black metal venture of Gonius Rex, the mastermind behind Portugal’s ONIRIK. Inspired by medieval and neo-classical music and based on haunting psalms of penance and compositional whirls, NOITE’s style is not meant to sound as your typical metal, yet it is sure to bring a more eloquent craving for the Darkness and the Occult.
Complementary to ONIRIK’S “The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity” released at the same time, “A Cor do Fogo” (The Colour of Fire) is NOITE’s first output, a fascinating and psychedelic midnight mass of clean vocals, counterpointing choirs, multiple layers of ecclesiastic invocations and spells, mournful litanies and crepuscular melodies, with non-distorted delayed guitars and bass twirling all around in a heretic congregation. Apart from guitars, bass and choirs, G. Rex also recorded the drums (for the first time) with an ever enticing style of unexpected rhythms and unapologetic experimental vibes.
Themes such as witchcraft, human damnation, hell’s nostalgia, Devil worshiping and mordant satire build up an entire contemptuous volume of six songs to be played whilst parading towards the flames. Although entirely sung in Portuguese, the release comes with additional English translations, for a more comprehensive understanding of the concept and poetic approach.
A fascinating soundtrack for the procession of lost souls, NOITE’s “A Cor do Fogo” is a darkness devout craze meant to address those with flesh eating rats and serpents swirling at their feet.
Welcome to hell, slaves of His will!

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