Acausal Intrusion – Panpsychism LP


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1. The Horror Above (2:01)
2. Encoded Exagrams (4:12)
3. Statical Universe (7:26)
4. Pillar Of Rationality (10:24)
5. This Inward Separation (6:02)
6. Continuum Magnitude (6:45)
7. Molecular Entanglement (8:41)
8. The Beauty Within (2:17)


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ACAUSAL INTRUSION conclude the initial trilogy of their career with “Panpsychism”, an album shorter than usual, but not less intense than in the past, a true stylistic summa of the American duo. Their black metal-tinged tech death is further refined in the context of dark and detailed songs, breathtaking progressions and visionary melodies that bend under the weight of Nythroth’s crooked and hallucinatory guitar riffs and Cave Ritual’s brutal drumming, which punctuate an inhuman vocal performance of deep growls and blasphemous invocations.
“Panpsychism” opens and closes with a couple of moody tracks entrusted to synths, piano and acoustic guitars, but it is within their most epic pieces that ACAUSAL INTRUSION show new maturity, reaching a perfect balance between chaotic tech death metal violence, black metal accelerations, and short atmospheric interludes that ease the tension, setting the stage for a new sonic assault.
Enriched by a spectacular and evocative cover by Daniele Valeriani, ACAUSAL INTRUSION’s “Panpsychism” is a symphony of ultra-dimensional terror, a portal from which Lovecraftian psychedelic monstrosities call us like sirens, dragging us towards a cosmic sea of dead stars in which to shipwreck forever.

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