Bekor Qilish – The Flesh Of A New God LP


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1. Defaced Background (6:07)
2. Unobtainable Transformations (5:57)
3. Unearthly Dominion (6:10)
4. Unaware Gods (3:42)
5. Enshrouding Wraths (4:50)
6. The Flesh Of Terror (6:02)
7. Infinite Self-Reflecting Circles (4:24)
8. Beggars (2:47)


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One year after the release of “Throes Of Death From The Dreamed Nihilism”, Italians BEKOR QILISH are back with a new dose of their labyrinthine and progressive extreme metal. If possible, “The Flesh Of A New God” is an even richer and more multifaceted album than its predecessor. Death, black and thrash metal fit together like pieces of a puzzle giving life to a visionary and complex work, but always extremely coherent in imagining a modern and progressive metal language, which calls into question KRALLICE, NECROPHAGIST and old glories such as PESTILENCE, CYNIC, ATHEIST and VIRUS. The result is a progressive metal beast that is impossible to tame.
The soul of BEKOR QILISH, Andrea Bruzzone wrote every note of “The Flesh Of A New God” as well as all the lyrics, but reserved only the vocals for himself, relying for the rest on guitarist John Mor, bassist Otus Rex and the prodigious drumming of Giulio Galati (HIDEOUS DIVINITY, NERO DI MARTE), which splendidly blends with the twisted and amazing riffing in an orgy of creativity and stimulating sonic surprises. Among them, the sax solo by guest Gianluca Zanello in the apocalyptic “Infinite Self-Reflecting Circles,” confirming Bruzzone’s ability to conceive articulated and nuanced arrangements.
After an exciting debut, with “The Flesh Of The New God” BEKOR QILISH secure a prominent place in the boldest and most progressive extreme metal scene.

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