Bekor Qilish – Throes Of Death From The Dreamed Nihilism CD


1. Cryptic Hatred (4:33)
2. Self-Destructed Destruction (3:42)
3. Verminous Barrier (2:17)
4. Ocean Of Malice (4:41)
5. Total Infection (4:47)
6. Wretched Dawn (7:05)

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Talented Italian singer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrea Bruzzone debuts with the avant-garde metal project BEKOR QILISH and an album, “Throes Of Death From The Dreamed Nihilism,” already particularly mature, complex and layered. It is no coincidence that some special guests – recognized masters of the most technical, progressive and experimental extreme metal – have accepted to participate in the recordings: from Colin Marston (KRALLICE, GORGUTS) and Gabriele Gramaglia (COSMIC PUTREFACTION, VERTEBRA ATLANTIS), who contribute with their typical mind-bending guitar solos, to Romain Goulon (SADIST, NECROPHAGIST) and Eugene Ryabchenko (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE), authors of superlative performances on drums.

Short but full of contents and inventiveness, BEKOR QILISH’s “Throes Of Death From The Dreamed Nihilism” is a veritable whirlwind of oblique riffs and complex rhythms that often dilute metal violence into ethereal and hypnotic melodies; an album that expertly blends the most bizarre and intellectual extreme metal with cosmic-inspired atmospheric sounds, imagining the eerie alien landscapes depicted in the beautiful cover painting by Strx.
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