Creature – Eloge de L’Ombre 2LP


Includes code for Bandcamp streaming & download of the digital version of the album (available on the release date).


1. Venin (2:00)
2. Conscience Mécanique (4:26)
3. Météorite (5:33)
4. Noire (3:49)
5. L’Empire Des Singes (4:33)
6. Maussade (4:45)
7. Alternative (5:22)
8. Les Fragments (5:28)
9. Est-Ce Que Tu Danses? (4:30)
10. Pas Le Même (4:04)
11. Eloge De L’Ombre (3:50)
12. Rétrograde (4:09)

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As with each album, this new ‘praise of the shadows’ (approximate translation of “Eloge De L’Ombre”) marks a new evolution in the ever-fascinating oeuvre of CREATURE. Temporarily leaving behind the full-blown cosmic and uniquely baroque approach of the critically acclaimed “Ex Cathedra” album from 2020, CREATURE shape-shifts once more and takes a step sideways. Still not bound by any convention, and retaining his knack for lush and bold songwriting, mastermind Raphaël Fournier seizes the opportunity to delve further into other dark corners of his expansive and multi-faceted sound, previously only alluded to. Joined by drum phenomenon Baard Kolstad (LEPROUS, SOLEFALD, IHSAHN, BORKNAGAR, etc.) who brings a stellar and fascinating performance, CREATURE has never felt so organic and powerful.

Not unlike its cover art, “Eloge De L’Ombre” fiercely, defiantly and futuristically explores an array of moods and sounds as wide as life itself. Sported with an unmistakably French flair, it is a collection of idiosyncratically exciting and varied short vignettes. Feeling intimate one second, hit by a freight train the next one, while coming back another time triumphantly, often within a song, the whole is as always extremely cohesive, thanks to Raphaël Fournier’s spectacular craft. Songs stand on their own, but like parts of a puzzle, the album as a whole paints a striking and different picture. “Eloge De L’Ombre” strives to bring attention to the beauty in the Ugly, the Sad and the Bizarre. To have the audience be moved by it, while looking at it with a newfound stance.

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