Comando Praetorio – Sovvertire la Tirannia della Luce EP


Dell’Oblio l’Ombra Siderea 12:47


Ritorna il Buio dell’Origine Uranica 11:33

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The style of COMANDO PRAETORIO draws inspiration from the most
uncompromising and underground expressions of extreme music, as well as
any form of radical and elitist art in general. Coldness, coherence,
inhumanity: principles now sustained by very few projects and, at the same
time, agents without mediations in the sound originating from them. Burzum,
Les Légions Noires and the old school of Polish black metal represent the
starting point for resonances deriving from the experience of loneliness,
physical and ideological isolation, as well as meditation on the alchemical
meaning that the trials of life relentlessly put in our way.

According to COMANDO PRAETORIO’s vision, a truly authentic album must
be tearing and abrasive for the conscience, in order to spring ecstatic
impressions and possess the listener’s imagination, lighting a spark of deep
emotion. The artistic creations crafted by the band are able to unleash, at
least in its members, a musical challenge to question the deep of themselves,
particularly exalting this experience by an intimate and collected listening.

“Sovvertire la Tirannia della Luce” refers to a process of physical and
spiritual distancing from the monotheistic tyranny of the sun, which is meant
both as the Logos of abstract, withering and repressing rationality, and as an
expression of Abrahamic monotheism. Denying this hypertrophy of the solar
side, the One takes refuge in the shadow of the night sky, patronized by the
Indo-European Asuric and Uranian deities. This denial brings about a
subversion of the values to massification: the ultimate consequence of desert
religions, which were created in the desert and want to bring the world back
to the desert itself.

“Sovvertire la Tirannia della Luce” will be released exclusively as EP vinyl
limited to 300 copies.

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