HERXHEIM – Contrapasso CD


1. The Surrogate (07:52)
2. The Anointed (07:32)
3. The Enchanted (07:20)
4. And Their Pyrrhic Victories (04:49)

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The solo project of Patrick Brown, HERXHEIM are back with a new EP titled “Contrapasso.” Brown is certainly to be counted among the most important metal artists of the last decade thanks to the underground success of HOWLS OF EBB, with whom he released a handful of seminal albums that contributed to rewriting the canons of black and death metal.
Perhaps even more primitive, weird and intense than HOB, HERXHEIM are no different and in “Contrapasso” Brown writes some of his best compositions. The amalgam of brutal vocals and his killer guitar riffs unleash an almost tangible electricity, burning and destroying everything in its path. Only bass and drums offer monolithic resistance, usually engaged in exhausting and deadly mid-tempos that occasionally find space for devastating accelerations. The result is a monstrous, violent and bestial black-thrash EP, which recalls CELTIC FROST, early VOIVOD and ORDER FROM CHAOS, of which today HERXHEIM is undoubtedly the most credible and inspired heir.


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FFO: Order From Chaos, Celtic Frost, Voivod, Howls Of Ebb

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