Malhkebre – Revelation CD


1. Multi Sunt Vocati 00:38
2. In Pulverem Reverteris 06:21
3. Hystérie Révélatrice (Part I) 01:57
4. Hystérie Révélatrice (Part II) 06:45
5. Dogma 00:50
6. To Become Or Die 05:23
7. AMDG 03:12
8. The Truth Must Be Doubted For Victory 05:02
9. IHSV 07:52

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Secretly assembled during the years, MALHKEBRE’s “Revelation” is a manifestation of true Death worship in the shape of dissonant, razor-like riffs, cryptic and convoluted structures, tetanus-made melodies, and hysterical vocal invocations preaching the arrival of a new era of Transcendance, Devotion, Chaos, and Spirituality.

MALHKEBRE means true Satanic Resistance, the fist of the Devil in the face of Modern Society.

Eklezjas’tik BerZerK – vocals, howls & samples
Kristik A.K. – bass
Shamaanik B. – drums
Messiatanik Armrek – guitars

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