Incipient Chaos – Incipient Chaos CD


1. Sever the Oracle
2. The Apex
3. The Fire that Devours the Soul and Flesh
4. Crumbling Bones
5. Ominous Acid
6. Dragged Back to the Abyss
7. All Is Lost, All Is Found

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INCIPIENT CHAOS plays a deep and direct form of black metal, drawing inspiration from mystical alchemy. Hermetic, dark, violent, the eponymous album was composed to evoke, in a dreamlike manner, Man’s relationship with God and Satan, and its frenzied quest to replace the Divine. Loosely inspired by alchemical readings from the religions of the Book, “Incipient Chaos” is a sonic journey that narrates this quest for truth.
Formerly a quintet, now a trio, the band enlisted the talents of the drummer CSR for the album, resulting in a devastating outcome. Composed over several years, recorded at Darkened Studio by NRK, mixed and mastered at Studio Henosis by Frédéric Gervais, illustrated by Roy de Rat, this album stands as the magnum opus, the sharpest and deepest creation of INCIPIENT CHAOS to date.


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