John Gallow – Violet Dreams CD


1. Entrance To The Unknown 07:37
2. Dark Traveller 03:09
3. Violet Dreams 05:52
4. Ancient Tears 02:32
5. Maelstrom Of Consciousness 06:05
6. Rain Messenger 04:29
7. Purple Room 03:59
8. Part Ways 01:15
9. Turn Sides 03:42
10. Wall Of Doom 06:52
11. Passer-By 04:45
12. Lavendeth 02:51
13. Burning Trees 05:08
14. Beam Of Light 04:35

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JOHN GALLOW is the most recent alter ego of John Gallo of BLIZARO and ORODRUIN fame, undoubtedly one of the most talented (and most overlooked) rock/metal artists of our times.
Through this new doom incarnation, the singer/guitarist extraordinaire from Rochester, NY investigates the spiritual aspects of Death and the mysteries of the after-life, similarly to what was done in the past by Paul Chain, Black Hole, and other dwellers of the dark.
It’s a solitary and mostly improvised music voyage, the observation of an artist that has interiorised the gloomy riffs and nightmarish atmospheres of doom, transforming them into mystic and mysterious mindscapes.
“After years I am finally opening a new chapter in my doom journey,” has commented Gallo. “Violet Dreams features 14 cuts of heavy riff madness. It’s Black Hole, Paul Chain, and early Candlemass all in one cocoon!”

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