Moonreich – Terribilis Est Locus Iste CD


1. Terribilis Est Locus Iste (8:33)
2. Bright Morning Star (7:19)
3. Oppressive Light (2:57)
4. Chant For A Darkened Gospel (3:57)
5. The Serpent Presaging Sinister (4:43)
6. Cursed The Day, Hailed The Night (6:20)
7. Nos Conspuere In Vobis (5:01)
8. Hidden Mystical World
Soloist [Guitar] – Amduscias (3) (9:57)
9. And A Star Fell At The Fifth Sound
Vocals – Ludovic (6) (9:19)

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Few can expect what the already impressive telluric black metal combo from France can now evoke. After the highly acclaimed debut “Terribilis…” represent a key to new creations and time, an abyss of cold and disharmonic emotions where to dwell with primordial obscurantism. Serpent will strangle the earth, moving away from the oppressive light and going deep into the womb of pestilence.
Connections can be made with Deathspell Omega most uncompromised diabolical summoning, without submitting to any technical futile provocations but submitting the same to the occult hellish ritual.

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