The Wakedead Gathering – The Gate And The Key CD


1. Outer Veil 05:26
2. Autochton 04:58
3. Hypgnosys 04:50
4. Collector Of Memories 03:33
5. The Hand, The Eye, The Tongue, The Heart 02:58
6. Masquerade In Eminence 04:30
7. Vertex I – The Gate 02:50
8. Vertex II – The Key 04:37
9. Absention 06:05

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After the underground success of the “Tenements Of Ephemera” debut and the “Dark Circles” EP, THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING return with their sophomore full-length album, a fantastic piece of dark death metal and definitely a step forward in the band’s natural evolution, once again in accordance with the genre’s noblest tradition.

“The Gate And The Key” is a horror/sci-fi concept-album telling the story of a group of dimensional travellers passing through a black hole. The dark portal will precipitate them into an alien realm, where they are abducted, studied, and painfully morphed into a race of Lovecraftian entities inhabiting that dimension.
They will become the first seed of a new breed, the “key” that will open the “gate” for the Ancients Ones to penetrate our reality…

Music-wise, the album is filled with twisted riffs, doom decelerations, rapacious vocals, and menacing atmospheres of Cosmic Horror, in a perfect equilibrium between the crypt-sounds of early Incantation, and the dissonant, slanted death metal of early Morbid Angel, Demilich and Timeghoul.

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