Neptunian Maximalism – Solar Drone Ceremony LP+DVD


1. Solar Drone Ceremony (52:38)

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The Arkestra returns! One year after the release of “Éons”, a monumental triple album that shook up the entire metal underground in 2020, Belgium’s mysterious collective known as NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM embarks on a new cosmic trip through the lands of drone doom metal, free jazz and psychedelic music… and this time you will be eyewitnesses of such a grandiose musical quest!
Recorded live in Brussels in March 2020 and wrapped in a stunning cover painting by French master Hervé Scott Flament, “Solar Drone Ceremony” is a 53-minute audio-visual odyssey documenting a band at its maximum splendor, working at full steam to pierce the veil of our narrow world and open new vistas on lush mental landscapes.
Available as a limited LP + DVD edition, the album is a remaking of the title-track from the band’s first EP, “The Conference of the Stars”, here radically transfigured and expanded into something new, summing up NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM’s style and adding to it not only the energy and intensity always palpable during a live show, but also an esoteric and immersive visual dimension that proves all the creativity these electric shamans are capable of.
From the smoky drone metal of Sunn O))) to the mystic ruminations of Sun Ra and the space accelerations of Hawkwind, “Solar Drone Ceremony” is a dark psychedelic ritual for the modern times, a ticket to ride for today’s psychonauts.