Inhumankind – Self-Deification LP


1. Enantidromia (2:15)
2. Godspit (1:50)
3. Light-Proof (4:21)
4. Ginnungagap (6:55)
5. Draining From The Youngest Seeds (2:24)
6. Apophis Is (7:52)
7. Love Parasite (3:06)
8. Infaust (8:24)

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After the underground success of the first album, which deconstructed and transfigured the metal genre in the light of contemporary music and free jazz, Spain’s INHUMANKIND are back with “Self-Deification”, a new chapter in an avant-garde trilogy that is enriched with new nuances.

In fact, to the convulsive avant-jazz evolutions of Pablo Selnik’s flute and Àlex Reviriego’s double bass – the heart of the project – is added the elegant sound of a piano, played by none other than Marco Mezquida, one of the greatest European piano talents.

Mastered once again by Colin Marston, “Self-Deification” also features vocal contributions of great intensity and expressiveness, among which the more properly metal ones by Eric Baulenas (MOONLOOP) and Marcos Martins (HEX ARCANA, TOD HUETET UEBEL) stand out.

INHUMANKIND are reconfirmed among the most inspired exponents of contemporary and experimental music that is not afraid to flirt with metal.

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