Unsouling – Vampiric Spiritual Drain CD

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1. The Wolf and Survival (06:14)
2. The Ladder of Broken Backs (05:46)
3. Taileater (02:14)
4. Floating Key (04:14)
5. Weightless Immovable Anchor (05:11)
6. Endless Plateau (02:12)
7. The Wolf and Ascension (09:32)

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Conceived by FERAL LIGHT frontman and songwriter A.S., UNSOULING brings into the fold an atmosphere incorporating death metal and darkwave, as well as some goth tinged influences, creating a cohesive yet engaging and enveloping experience.
The band’s full-length debut, “Vampiric Spiritual Drain” deals with the inevitable pain associated with emotional and spiritual reckoning, as well as the insurmountable and uncontrollable nature of our universe.
The cover art imagined and painted by Luciana Nedelea specifically for the album, captures the feral nature of UNSOULING’s death metal and simultaneously envelops it in nocturnal atmospheres steeped in mysticism and spirituality.

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