Vertebra Atlantis – A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime LP


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1. Into Cerulean Blood I Bathe (5:16)
2. Frostpalace Gloaming Respite (6:21)
3. Drown In Aether, Sovereign Of Withered Ardor (6:56)
4. Cupio Dissolvi (5:03)
5. In Starlike Ancient Eyes (5:51)
6. Desperately Ablaze, From The Lowest Lair (8:44)
7. A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime (7:12)


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Certainly to be counted among the most talented and visionary contemporary metal musicians, GG sets COSMIC PUTREFACTION aside for a moment to give space to the sophomore release by VERTEBRA ATLANTIS, a project that sees him grappling with a progressive, dissonant and symphonic black/death metal, on the border between late EMPEROR and GORGUTS.
Accompanied by the excellent RR (drums) and GS (rhythm guitars), authors of a masterful performance, GG makes no secret of considering “A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime” the most complete and mature work he has released so far. The album is a large canvas on which the Italian musician has poured all his creative flair thanks to intense symphonic brushstrokes perfectly embedded in the geometric shapes evoked by his twisted black/death metal riffs, supported by an equally powerful rhythm section.
As in the fascinating cover painted by Babal Moghal, the predominant color is blue: that of the sea and the sky, merged into metaphysical and esoteric landscapes; an inner limbo in which the listener finds himself wandering. It is a perfect representation of the ‘Sublime,’ that peculiar sensation of dread and pleasure that underlies the sight of something spectacular, which frightens and uplifts the soul at the same time.
VERTEBRA ATLANTIS’ “A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime” tells all this through complex songs, grandiloquent arrangements, sumptuous melodies and philosophical lyrics of great emotional grip, perhaps reaching its peak in the title track, the final electro-acoustic ballad featuring guest singer Giorgio Trombino (ASSUMPTION) and the professional female vocalist Daniela Ferrari Boschi.