Yaaroth – The Man In The Wood CD



1. Ancient Sea Town (01:05)
2. The Subterranean Stench (7:58)
3. God of Panic (9:56)
4. They Seek Baryba (8:52)
5. Cassap (13:23)

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YAAROTH is the doom/progressive rock project of Dan Bell, an American musician and artist originally from Rochester, NY. In the past Bell has done some artwork for ORODRUIN and BLIZARO, but Bell is above all an extraordinary rock singer, a talented guitarist and a refined composer.
Once known as YARROW, the band has recently been renamed YAAROTH and for the occasion Bell has reworked a promising demo from 2015 with Samuel Nells on drums. Enriched and expanded with unreleased chapters, it has become the intriguing debut of “The Man In The Wood,” an album of timeless rock music for our times which finds a further reason for its appeal in an amateur and underground recording.
Everything revolves around the folk poetry of Dan Bell, sublimated in delicate melodies that gradually swell up to explode in uncontainable electric bacchanalia, without losing an ounce of elegance and melodic richness.
Dan Bell is a new Pan who has replaced the flute with an imperious voice, which in terms of its breathtaking expressiveness and range even recalls those of Jim “The Doors” Morrison and the legendary Tim Buckley.
No less intense is his writing, which – to simplify – combines English folk with Black Sabbath’s proto-doom, Zeppelin’s hard rock and High Tide’s esoteric prog, reawakening long-dormant memories and sensations.

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