Arkæon – Parasit LP


1. Skagerrak (7:15)
2. Smertens Vilje (8:10)
3. Parasit (6:14)
4. Forbrænde (8:38)
5. Evig Trods (10:26)


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ARKÆON is a black metal power-trio consisting of three enigmatic, maverick veterans of Danish extreme underground music with related acts counting names such as Tongues, Muspellzheimr, Ærkenbrand, NVLVS, Gespenst, and others.

Spawned from shady congregations on a farm in a Jutlandian forest, since 2019, they have developed the sound of ARKÆON; a ferocious, raw and chaotic black metal that conjures up archaic realms of parasitic organisms, a primordial consumer of light. After releasing three demos, “Parasit” is ARKÆON’s debut album, consisting of lengthy experimental compositions that employ a combination of harsh, noisy riffing, high tempo, and refined melodicism.

“Humanity is parasitical to life, as life is parasitical to humanity,” ARKÆON says.

The rotten Danish lyrics of “Parasit” clarify the band’s concept, spewing hateful damnation and accursing the absurdity and vulgarism inherent to the parasitic relationship of modern humanity with the autochthonous forces of organic life.

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