Kevel – Mutatis Mutandis LP


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1. Of Being (7:17)
2. Terraforming (11:20)
3. The Apophatic (6:31)
4. Arecibo (7:08)
5. Cosmic Domination (8:47)
6. Utopia Planitia (9:09)


Total Time 50:12

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Located in Athens, Greece, KEVEL create unconventional yet coherent sonic boulders, extending away from the specific rules and stylistic barriers of the many metal subgenres. If the 2014 self-released debut of “Hz of the Unheard” was mainly an instrumental album of progressive sludge, “Mutatis Mutandis” explores other musical paths, combining black metal, post-metal, progressive elements and spacey soundscapes, for the first time also adding vocals and synths to the band’s formula.
KEVEL’s music embraces the listeners with deep, enveloping atmospheres; then it slowly crushes them by inducing a dark and deadly trance thanks to stratified sounds and hypnotic, cold melodies. All the songs are geometrically built on the perfect interlocking of ultra-heavy riffs, hammering rhythms and oppressing vocals that create majestic mantras of desolation, alienation and pain. The pain of living in a vast, indifferent and inhospitable universe, without a purpose or a reason to be.
Mastered by James Plotkin and magnificently illustrated by Kuba Sokolski, “Mutatis Mutandis” pushes KEVEL to an uncanny cosmic journey, spewing growls of reason and madness. From fission to fusion, from humble beginnings to interplanetary domains, from birth to death. Trying to answer the question of what it means to exist and whether, if given the chance, humanity will be able to dominate everything across its path, while still not knowing what it really is. A life of body eternal, an eternal death of the mind.

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