Ars Magna Umbrae – Throne Between Worlds LP


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1. Into Waters Of The Underworld (4:54)
2. Consecrating The Shrine Of Undoing (5:41)
3. Beyond The Stellar Gates (3:48)
4. Treader On The Dreamless Path (5:16)
5. Throne Between Worlds (6:29)
6. Metempsychosis (Transmigration Of The Soul) (11:11)

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Just a year after the release of the acclaimed “Apotheosis”, ARS MAGNA UMBRAE are back on the scene with “Throne Between Worlds”, their third full-length album and a new visionary statement of occult and esoteric black metal. Dhomth’s stunning cover painting is a perfect representation of the dimension ARS MAGNA UMBRAE inhabit: a plutonic underworld of madness and despair, located on the border between the world of the living and the world of the dead. The stylistic code adopted by sole member K.M. hasn’t changed since last time, but a new awareness now filters through his majestic constructions, the dark atmospheres and the flaming riffs and solos. Even more than in the past, the music is accompanied by a deeper sense of tragedy and melancholy that envelops the songs, intensifying their emotional charge and cosmic aura. ARS MAGNA UMBRAE’s most mature release to date, “Throne Between Worlds” is an esoteric quest that starts from the human microcosm to reach stellar depths of death.