Sol Kia – Zos Ethos LP


Includes code for Bandcamp streaming & download of the digital version of the album.


1. Sulfur (4:12)
2. Mithraeum (11:23)
3. HunHumn (1:22)
4. Nasatanada Zazas! (7:06)
5. Homo Sensibilis (2:28)
6. Melancholia (1:25)
7. Hoathahe Saitan! (5:35)
8. Kosmik Katatonik Korpse (10:04)

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SOL KIA is a Belgian duo comprised of singer/lyricist Stephane Van Tricht and multi-instrumentalist Guillaume CZLT, the man behind the black/death metal beast known as ÔROS KAÙ as well as a founding member of the celebrated NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM orchestra. The miraculous alchemy between the two has spawned “Zos Ethos”, SOL KIA’s debut album and one of the most fascinating, experimental and psychedelic metal records of the last decade, perennially fluctuating between irrepressible black metal violence and an hallucinatory delirium that drag the listener through altered states of consciousness.
Crafted as one long journey of mystic proportions, “Zos Ethos” is essentially an inner probe slowly lowering into esoteric waters. Dark and abrasive riffs constantly shatter against Guillaume CZLT’s majestic architectures of drones, Middle-Eastern melodies and industrial sounds, cinematic in scope and sapiently orchestrated, while Van Tricht’s tortured invocations and lyrics bear witness to the deep distress of living a life without purpose or hope. As he bitterly comments in the epigrammatic “Melancholia”, “Now is the past of the future.”