Baring Teeth – The Path Narrows CD


1. The Gate (1:05)
2. Obsolescence (3:31)
3. Culled (4:06)
4. Rote Mimesis (4:11)
5. Liminal Rite (5:40)
6. Wreath (4:25)
7. Cadaver Synod (6:00)
8. Terminus (11:01)

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Specialized in crafting atonal discordance and ethereal dissonance, the Dallas, Texas based trio of BARING TEETH returns with its forth full-length, “The Path Narrows”. Acting as their debut on I, Voidhanger Records, the album perfectly sums up how BARING TEETH has spent the recent years of plague in meticulously refining what is undoubtedly their most artistically lush and vibrant work to date.
Having worked on the material of “The Path Narrows” throughout the past four years and the pandemic by means of constant transformations and revisions, the band emerges with a newfound sense of solidity and form. Every single nuance in BARING TEETH’s output has undergone a pressurization that has forced everything to expand and widen, and as the end result, the band’s internal extremes are stretched further apart from each other than ever before. The instrumental prowess has gained a new level that in turn has pushed the fast material to be faster and slow to be slower, but also has gone on to introduce new layers of musicianship into the mix by means of synths and featuring voices, without forgetting the immaculate wall of sound that now appears as a vertical pitch-black ocean clouding the entirety of the listeners’ observable horizons.
Through rapid bursts to colossal hovering, ”The Path Narrows” is an exquisite addition to BARING TEETH’s output, both promising as well as delivering greater things than anyone could have expected or hoped for. Having taken their time to ensure every little detail is up to their improved standard and even beyond any self-set margins, BARING TEETH are about to not only breach but utterly annihilate the floodgates of gripping and incongruous music once again.