Devil Worshipper – Music For The Endtimes CD


1. Ablutions (1:32)
2. Spiritual Immanifest (4:52)
3. Degenerate (4:43)
4. Fornicating Angel (5:35)
5. Harlot Flesh (4:42)
6. Melancholy Loves The Dark (8:21)
7. Heroin (7:36)
8. Throat Of The False Prophet (7:14)
9. Parish Apothecary (11:53)
10. Requiem Ex Abyssus (7:59)


Total Time 64:27

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Tireless and always provocative, the American musician known as Matron Thorn is responsible for some of the most audacious extreme metal of our times, offered through many of his projects including ÆVANGELIST, DEATH FETISHIST and PRÆTERNATURA. DEVIL WORSHIPPER is the newest one, and it has been chosen to take Matron Thorn’s artistic visions to unparalleled heights of hallucinating sonic violence, thanks also to the bestial, schizophrenic vocal performance provided by Fr.A.A. (from Portugal’s TOD HUETET UEBEL) and the female, ethereal counterpoint of Erethe Arashiel.

For DEVIL WORSHIPPER’s debut full-length album, “Music For The Endtimes”, Matron Thorn brings to the table a handful of rusty riffs and dissonant, sick melodies. Their primitive thrust recalls the old-school of black metal, but the band totally transfigures them into some sort of gurgling industrial black’n’roll, where layers upon layers of trance-inducing guitars, serpentine bass grooves, paroxysmal screams and martial rhythms hammer the listener on the head till reality crumbles, revealing a nauseating yet fascinating abstract dimension of sin, depravation and oblivion.

Featuring guest contributions from Kabukimono and from Sebastian M. of AUROCH and MITOCHONDRION fame, DEVIL WORSHIPPER’s “Music For The Endtimes” is as terrifying and exhausting as an exorcism. It syringes our unconsciousness into Satan’s purulent veins, and spirals it into an unforgettable and disorienting drug trip on the evil side.

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