God’s Bastard – Last Standing Village CD


Includes code for Bandcamp streaming & download of the digital version of the album.


1. Chaos Apologist (3:54)
2. God Raise The Sea (8:08)
3. To The Last Standing Village (8:00)


Total Time 20:00

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Originally a digital EP released through Bandcamp in 2019, GOD’S BASTARD’s “Last Standing Village” is such a precious jewel of progressive black metal that it deserved a physical edition and, with it, much more recognition than what it’s gained so far.
Expertly mastered by Colin Marston, “Last Standing Village” contains three tracks, three steps of a cathartic journey slowly developing through a constant, breathtaking crescendo of crooked guitar riffs and devastating drums, entwined together in creative ways. GOD’S BASTARD combine the barbaric approach of the hardcore genre with a black metal fury, alternating moments of light and darkness like in a psychotic, emotional rollercoaster.
Singer/guitarist Drew Hays (previously in FLOODS) and drummer Lev Weinstein (KRALLICE, ANICON, BLOODY PANDA) march inexorably through the pain of existence towards the last standing village, a shelter where all the wounds will finally be healed.