Hasard – Malivore LP


1. Hypnocentrisme (11:06)
2. Vicivers (8:01)
3. Malivore (8:05)
4. Choral Inane (8:19)
5. Interespace (8:21)

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HASARD are born from a rib of LES CHANTS DU HASARD, one-man project by Hazard who admirably managed to blend the typical black metal singing with 19th century classical music, in particular the orchestral works and operas of Modest Mussorgsky, Sergei Prokofiev and Richard Strauss. In HASARD, on the other hand, the French musician overturns the assumption of his original project and gives birth to a chaotic and dissonant black metal album, in which he opens glimpses of classical music helped by John Steven Morgan of WRECHE on the piano.
“Malivore” is an album pervaded by a dramatic and asphyxiating atmosphere, well represented by Cäme Roy de Rat’s cover painting. At times the music recalls that of early Ævangelist, Abyssal and Blut Aus Nord, but the powerful orchestral injections, the grandiloquent choirs and Morgan’s piano frenzies, combined with the raven voice of Hazard, transport it to personal expressive dimensions.
Perverse, brutal and visionary, “Malivore” is a cryptic and fascinating work that is placed in the deepest darkness of the human soul.

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