Prometheus – Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old LP


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1. Gravitons Passing Through Yog-Sothoth (7:51)

2. Azathoth (6:00)
3. Astrophobos (8:37)
4. Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old (9:04)
5. Ανεμοι των Αστρων (3:45)
6. The Crimson Tower Of The Headless God (7:47)


Total Time 42:54

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After a couple of demos and a promising debut (“Consumed in Flames”, 2017), Greece’s PROMETHEUS are back with their sophomore full-length album, “Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old”, which expands and perfects the material of “Astrophobos”, an early 2020 digital EP. Carrying the heritage of Hellenic and Scandinavian black metal (from VARATHRON and ROTTING CHRIST to EMPEROR and SETHERIAL), PROMETHEUS do not disdain to combine it with the esoteric death metal of MORBID ANGEL and early ABSU, among the others.
“Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old” is channeled in the mystical currents of black metal, with much more emphasis on darkness than in past works thanks to a pervasive – yet never overindulgent – symphonic feel that makes PROMETHEUS’ music even more majestic and wrapping. Inspired by Lovecraft’s myths of cosmic horror and his ancient, imperturbable gods of chaos dwelling in outer dimensions, the Greek band offers its unique visions of Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth in primordial and monstrous compositions, suffocating the listener with a strong grip of arcane invocations, cyclopean riffs and crushing rhythms.
Elsewhere, namely in the title-track and in the amazing closing number of “The Crimson Tower Of The Headless God”, PROMETHEUS hit the pedal and launch themselves in furious black metal accelerations, before hypnotic melodies carved by synths catch the senses and slowly flake off in the space vacuum in trickles of caressing psychedelic and ambient music.
Wrapped in an evocative cover by Dimitrios Ch. Kosmas, PROMETHEUS’ “Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old” is an album for voyagers of the unknown, not afraid to embrace the Infinite and get lost.

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