Myaelin – Naesekhnaetri LP


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1. Khaos Ex Logou (07:17)
2. Rise Of The Sulphur Surfer (09:07)
3. Ego Ripper (05:32)
4. Collectif Primitif (15:08)

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Coming from Belgium, MYALEIN is an ever-changing ensemble that occasionally coagulates around drummer Timo Jacobs and guitarist/bassist Kevin Liekens, welcoming several local musicians and singers into its ranks. The band records its sound rituals live, improvising and following the inspiration of the moment, which usually leads them towards dissonant occult rock, psychedelic and noise territories.

MYAELIN’s latest sonic journey, ‘Naesekhnaetri’, invites listeners to delve into the enigmatic poetry of Aleister Crowley like never before. Through the improvised compositions, the band captures the raw and unfiltered essence of Crowley’s words, breathing new life into his ghastly verses. Each track is an unscripted exploration, a spontaneous outpouring of emotions and musicianship. MYAELIN’s approach to music creation defies convention, transcending boundaries to channel the very spirit of the poetry they embrace.
In ‘Naesekhnaetri’, they beckon you to traverse uncharted realms, forging a connection with the chaotic, mystical and the unknown, just as Crowley intended.

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