Noise Trail Immersion – Curia CD


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1. Riesistere – I (5:28)
2. Demiurgo del Non Ritorno (6:36)
3. Dimorare Nella Carne (8:49)
4. Vanente (5:04)
5. Riesistere – II (5:00)
6. Eclissi Unanime (5:33)
7. Curia (4:00)
8. Coercizione (8:06)
9. Il Grande Confine (4:00)
10. Riesistere – III (5:22)

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After the 2018 release “Symbology of Shelter”, which culminated with total desperation and nihilistic chaos, NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION are back on the scene with “Curia”, their most mature and spiritual record to date. Resuming from the pandemonium unleashed in the final part of the band’s last record, the new album starts off from a zero point and sets the beginning of a totally different path: a path starting from absolute void and reaching, after a troubled journey, a sort of eerie and mystic cohesion with the Obscure.
The overall atmosphere is characterized by an aura of ‘sacred dissonance’, which aims to bring us real knowledge of obscurity, uneasiness and bleakness, by accepting them
as part of man’s gist and therefore giving them a spiritual character, without relentlessly forcing them to disappear from our essence.
All of this musically translates into completely new influences, like dark folk and contemporary liturgical music, which have been incorporated and blended with NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION’s typical and ambitious mixture of dissonant black metal, mathcore and post-metal.
To emphasize these new musical contaminations, the album has been shaped with a circular structure: three tracks out of ten – placed respectively at the start, in the middle and at the end – consist only of gloomy and emotional classical guitar parts, creating a conceptual link that enforces the overall idea behind the album.
The stunning artwork from Sergio Padovani perfectly encapsulates the concept of a chaotic spiritual journey centered on man’s attempt to reach inner awareness by returning to the Wholeness.