ÔROS KAÙ – Thanatos CD


1. Nepthys (6:24)
2. Let Neptune Strike Ye Dead (4:01)
3. Baal (6:51)
4. Marbas (5:56)
5. The Arcana XIII: Dawn Of The Red Scorpio (8:15)
6. Bios-Phos-Metis (14:43)


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After the revealing debut of “Imperii Templum Aries” and the “Theosulphuros” split album with PRECARIA, ÔROS KAÙ returns with “Thanatos”, the first chapter of a visionary diptych which will soon be followed by the twin work “Hypnos”.
The project of CZLT (NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM), ÔROS KAÙ use death metal and black metal to explore new spiritual territories through references to Goetia, Greek-Egyptian Hermeticism, Astrology, Magic and Austin Osman Spare’s writings, among the other things.
Wrapped in a splendid painting by Daniele Valeriani, “Thanatos” is a reflection on death, archetype of chaos, destruction and transformation as represented in ancient cultures, a stage of purification and enlightenment through pain and loss.
Musically, ÔROS KAÙ rings granite black/death guitar riffs above a powerful rhythmic base in continuous crescendo or often marching on deadly doom metal-tinged mid-tempos. The melodies are epic, but that certain mystical-esoteric flavor that has always characterized the Belgian artist’s music never fails, underlined by a complex vocal performance in which death metal growls, black metal screams and Tibetan chants converge.
What ÔROS KAÙ offers is an absolutely unique, hypnotic and intoxicating melting pot of cultures, musical and thematic contents; a true study in the sacredness of sound and voice and the power they convey, under the guise of a brutal metal album. The magmatic pulsation of the music and the jumble of vocals induce a state of trance, heightened by the diabolical invocations of the lyrics. The psychedelic vertigo reaches its peak in the colossal “Dawn Of The Red Scorpio” and in the exhausting “Bios-Phos-Metis”, 15 minutes of drone doom metal which push the listener into the arms of “Hypnos”. The journey has just begun.