Proton Burst – La Nuit LP

LP – Studio Album
1. Mouvement I (06:27)
2. Mouvement II (07:55)
3. Mouvement III (04:08)
4. Mouvement IV (03:51)
5. Mouvement V (05:46)
6. Mouvement VI (06:41)

CD – Live + Demo
7. Mouvement I – Au Coeur de la Ville Morte (Live at Saint Amand) (04:22)
8. Mouvement I – Le Ramasseur (Live at Saint Amand) (01:30)
9. Mouvement II – Intermezzo (Live at Saint Amand) (02:58)
10. Mouvement II – La Bande des Coeurs Brulés (Live at Saint Amand) (02:58)
11. Mouvement III – La Cave (Live at Saint Amand) (04:28)
12. Mouvement IV – Le Grand Doum Doum (Live at Saint Amand) (03:09)
13. Mouvement IV – Brown Sugar (Live at Saint Amand) (02:58)
14. Mouvement IV – Les Tribus Rassemblées (Live at Saint Amand) (01:07)
15. Mouvement V – Anita (Live at Saint Amand) (05:38)
16. Mouvement V – La Lune Flippe (Live at Saint Amand) (01:09)
17. Mouvement V – L’Armées des Cranes (Live at Saint Amand) (03:24)
18. Mouvement V – Dernier Combat (Live at Saint Amand) (01:05)
19. Mouvement VI – Le Dépot Bleu (Live at Saint Amand) (04:23)
20. Mouvement VI – Extase de la Mort (Live at Saint Amand) (02:03)
21. Straight Forward (Live at Saint Amand) (03:07)
22. Stone (Live at Saint Amand) (06:52)
23. Black Sun (Live at Saint Amand) (06:02)
24. La Nuit – Demo 1993 (13:38)

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I, Voidhanger Records is proud to present the long-awaited reissue of a cult metal album from the 90s: “La Nuit” by PROTON BURST, a 6-movement adaptation of French master Philippe Druillet’s comic-masterpiece.
Specially remastered for CD and vinyl, the original album is accompanied by an unreleased live recording from the 1995 Saint Amand Rock Festival featuring an extended version of the work, and by the historic 14-minute demo from 1993 that PROTON BURST presented to Druillet to get his blessing for the project. Also, an article with the detailed history of the album told by its protagonists, a long in-depth essay on Druillet’s art and a rich array of archival band photos and images taken from the graphic novel.

Part concept album, part soundtrack and part rock opera, “La Nuit” (The Night) is divided into 6 untitled movements, each of which flows seamlessly into the next. It tells the story of a band of futuristic Hell’s Angels moving through a post-apocalyptic scenario in search of one last “junk shot,” fleeing from ferocious vampire-cops with fascist ways.
PROTON BURST’s style is influenced by VOIVOD’s thrash metal tradition, evident in the fat sound of the guitars, in biting vocals on the border between metal and punk, as well as in certain accelerations of devastating power, but everything is filtered through an industrial/noise vein that bring GODFLESH and MINISTRY into play.
PROTON BURST’s “La Nuit” is a cult album, a gem to be discovered or rediscovered, as immortal as the work of Druillet that inspired it.

12″LP Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve + Live CD
Incl. Bandcamp Digital Download and Streaming

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Proton Burst

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