1. By the Styx (09:33)
2. Violet Venom (06:49)
3. Blossom (01:54)
4. Ad Nauseam (06:07)
5. Vineyard and Ivy (09:49)
6. Requiem (00:54)
7. Evohe (05:53)
8. Sparagmos (06:30)

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Back in 2014 the spirit of Dionysus infiltrated the souls of L.B. and N.C. and manifested his primordial fire under the shape of two cassette recordings. The name was DIONYSIAQUE and the style was unorthodox doom metal rooted in the fertile soil impregnated by the power of CANDLEMASS, VOIVOD, HELLHAMMER, BLACK HOLE and HEAD OF THE DEMON. Such as the god of wine, the band was born twice, and now it is time for the dual divinity to come back.
New satyrs joined L.B. and N.C. in the Dionysian procession to record the band’s first album together: L.V.L. on bass, trumpet and backing vocals (also invested in the dark works of SACRIFIZER, Au-Delà, SOLSTICIUM, KARNE), B.P. on guitar and backing vocals (from the subterranean doom of SUPERTZAR) and T.H. on drums (from the death grind whirlwind of PROUDHON).
“Diogonos” (in Greek, the one who was born twice) is the title of DIONYSIAQUE’s first album, recorded live in 5 days in early March 2023 at the Heldscalla Studio by Raphaël Henry. Fellow worshippers of the violet venom joined the mad procession and recorded with DIONYSIAQUE. Both coming from the ranks of the black metal horde know as MANZER, Shaxul plays ancient flutes on the interlude titled “Blossom,” while Ogma shreds a double guitar solo at the end of “Ad Nauseam.”
DIONYSIAQUE are ready to spread their wine all over the world.


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FFO: Candlemass, Black Hole, Hellhammer, Head Of The Demon

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