Sol – Promethean Sessions CD


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1. Praying for Rain (04:59)
2. I Bred a Sun from the Golden Moon (06:14)
3. A Choir of Teeth (09:37)
4. Paranoia Sunrise (08:53)
5. Where The Trees Meet The Storm (06:00)
6. My Words Made Nothing (07:53)

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“What do you see in your darkness
when you open your eyes
and worlds unfold?”

“Promethean Sessions” is SOL’s ninth studio work, an album with a complex and troubled genesis that stands out as unique in the band’s catalogue. Emil Brahe is still at the helm of the project, but this time the Danish multi-instrumentalist has surrounded himself with a large ensemble of talented musicians who accompany him in his folk doom ruminations.
“It is an album that has travelled a lot and seen multiply versions, atmospheres and songs before finally being done,” Emil Brahe explains. “With its roots planted equally deep in the doomy soil and more acoustic drone spheres, ‘Promethean Sessions’ has been layered with nine years of different sessions to texturize the sound and to give an abysmal depth to the album.”
Without ever losing sight of the sober and painfully intimate character of the compositions, Brahe took care of the rich arrangements, intertwining – among others – double bass, organ, clarinet, dulcimer, viola, violin and hurdy gurdy, making of “Promethean Sessions” the culmination of a career marked by originality and individualism.

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