Thanatotherion – Alienation Manifesto CD


1. Red Cathedral
2. The Raven And The Box Of Stars
3. Orb
4. Wilczyca
5. Nuclear Womb
6. Lament
7. Codex Crepusculum

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I, Voihanger Records is honored to announce its collaboration with THANATOTHERION, the new project from guitarist/vocalist Ominous Droning, aka Shelby Lermo of ULTHAR, NAUGHTSKEID and VASTUM fame, here joined by drummer extraordinaire Jason Bursese (BLACK FUCKING CANCER).
THANATOTHERION takes inspiration from the experience of NAUGHTSKEID to transform itself into something different, a creature of fast and devastating black thrash metal that crosses the Lovecraftian visions of ULTHAR, the icy grandeur of early EMPEROR and the destructive fury of ABSU.
Wrapped in a nightmarish cover conceived by the painter Daniel Vega, for THANATOTHERION “Alienation Manifesto” represents a true declaration of intent; that is, the complete rejection and disgust for the human species, certainly destined for extinction.
“Alienation Manifesto is dedicated to the cessation of all human life and the proliferation of all life that does not exist,” explains Ominous Droning in the album’s liner notes, alluding to a post-technological life in which new species can finally thrive in balance, free from the human plague.
THANATOTHERION’s metal is sinister, otherworldly and evil, a funereal veil spread over humanity and its shame, but within whose nihilistic folds lies a message of rebirth in the stillness of a benevolent darkness.


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