Tongues – Thélesis Ignis CD


1. Void Meditation 10:05
2. The Will Of Fire 08:24
3. Last Grip Of The Hand Of Guilt 09:27
4. Bloodline Of The Blind 06:39

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Hidden within a bog of black and deathly fog hides a mysterious and incredibly talented Danish band which is now part of the I, Voidhanger Records’ roster: TONGUES.

A duo comprised of Thorbj?rn (guitar, vocals, bass and organ) and Qvortrup (drums, vocals, lyrics), TONGUES have reaped a portentous 35-minute long debut EP titled “Thelésis Ignis”. This is a rumbling, ferocious, and ill-omened musical journey that alternates bursts of violence with meditative grooves, dissonant melodies and wretched atmospheres all within the auspice of a cohesive, apocalyptic and mystical dark aura.

In the band’s own words, “TONGUES is devoted to the exploration of mind and soul, and how they relate to the flesh. Our music is as heavy as the earthbound flesh; the lyrics and themes constitute the soul that yearns for some kind of redemption, eternally lost in the cloud of unknowing. The nature of the synthesis between soul and body is drenched in obscurity, which is why – by speaking in tongues – a path may be eventually revealed, providing salvation for that fallen race we call Humanity. Our debut EP, ‘Thelésis Ignis’ is the first chapter of this doomed spiritual journey.”

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