A.M.E.N. – The Book Of Lies – Liber I CD


1. Baphomet (1:42)
2. The Sabbath Of The Goat (3:43)
3. The Cry Of The Hawk (1:12)
4. The Battle Of The Ants (1:17)
5. Dinosaur (4:09)
6. The Smoking Dog (3:51)
7. Steeped Horsehair (2:05)
8. Waratah-Blossoms (3:43)
9. Samson (0:39)
10. The Blind Webster (1:15)
11. Dewdrops (1:14)
12. Windlestraws (2:42)
13. Pilgrim-Talk (2:23)
14. Dragons (2:13)
15. Mulberry Tops (1:25)
16. A.M.E.N. (3:03)

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Vittorio Sabelli is certainly to be counted among the most talented and leading musicians of the Italian underground metal, as demonstrated with DAWN OF THE DARK AGE, INCANTVM and NOTTURNO, all projects in which he has poured not only the typical eclecticism of a technically gifted and inspired multi-instrumentalist, but also an extraordinary culture. With A.M.E.N. Sabelli makes his passion for Aleister Crowley manifest, setting to music some of the most enlightening writings from “The Book Of Lies.” The musical imprint of the project, which exists in a delicate balance between jazz and extreme metal, can be compared to that impressed by John Zorn on his impromptu rock/metal lineups to narrate the occult and esotericism in music.
The first in a series of releases, in “The Book Of Lies – Liber I” everything revolves around the perverse sound of the clarinet, which Sabelli plays vigorously interweaving it with a classic metal instrumentation. Silken nocturnal melodies alternate with jazz grind sobs and sudden gallops between rock and metal, thus underlining the biting irony and the desecrating character of Crowley’s writings. And on top of this, the amazing vocal performances of Matteo Vitelli and guest singer Erba del Diavolo (PONTE DEL DIAVOLO), which contributes to the occult charm of the album as much as the beautiful Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos’ cover painting inspired by Babalon, Crowley’s scarlet woman.

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