Absentia Lunae – Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes CD


1. Intro (02:28)
2. Marching Under the Apocalypse Flag (06:37)
3. Debris of Forgotten Tragedies (04:45)
4. Engraved by Father’s Nightmare (05:50)
5. Burning a Candle (06:16)
6. Crystallized Illusion (05:50)
7. Mirrors of Reason (04:49)
8. Triumph and Despair (06:28)
9. Outro (02:19)


Total Running Time: 45:22

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2004, like the early new millenium years, was in the middle of the
Black Metal crossroad between going back to the primordial grim roots
and moving to uncharted and unsurveyed territories.
This is where Absentia Lunae moved their first steps, a wolf pack, as
lyrical mastermind explained on this re-edtion booklet retrospective,
angered by the cowardly pacified western society where they grew up.
This juvenile fuel was obviously not merely drawn to shape their
intense form of brutal Black Metal but showing already some gleams of
unique form of dramatic and avantgardish impetus.

In an era where magazines and fanzines where still the most
influential form of knowledge the demo soon became a recurring
reference for the demo sections. Stuza Records from Ukraine ( the same
one released bands like Aosoth, Astrofaes, Sort Vokter…) released
the same on tape and some months later band printed the same on a 500
copies pro-cd, which soon became sold out.

Absentia Lunae’s most praised efforts like “In Umbrarum Imperii
Gloria” & “Historia Nobis Assentietur” always share the podium with
“Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes” on fan’s feelings.

It has been the band’s decision to maintain the feeling of the
original source , some quotes from the key points of the lyrics have
been added and an extensive retrospective from the singer Ildanach
about whole album concept and track by track details on core concept
and band birth.

After many years of sent back requests we’re ready to provide a
release date for a cd edition under the banner of ATMF, on March 9, 2022.

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