Ascalapha – Somber Vampyric Night CD [PRE-ORDER]


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1. Dark Moon 03:03
2. Ceaseless Drought 03:27
3. Nameless Path 02:52
4. Somber Vampyric Night 05:09
5. Our Lives Intertwined 02:01
6. Noche sombria 05:26
7. Una vida que no es mia 02:21
8. Remorse 04:16
9. Nightbringer 02:30

Total running time: 31:05

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Ascalapha’s art is dark and deviant, an expression of a macabre obsession. Like cobwebs growing in the dark, the immortal myth of the vampire finds a new incarnation in the band’s music which through dark melodies gives shape to a new story to tell, embracing the solitary and evocative aesthetic of corridors and abandoned rooms in which the sound of the death bells echoes. The references to Neige’s first projects (Alcest), namely Mortifera and Celestia, are clear, and more generally the imprint of the nostalgic and melancholic French black metal wave can be felt. While remaining within the scope of low-fi artistic expressiveness, Ascalapha’s creations must still be listened to in the light of modernity.
Let the cry of blood shed every last drop of hope.

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label : ATMF – A Sad Sadness Song
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