Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Temples Colliding In Fire CD



1. From the Forge Primordial and Timeless
2. I Am the Crooked Blade
3. Temples Colliding in Fire
4. Meditations upon Burning Breath
5. Revenge of the Other God
6. Eternal Descent (At the Speed of Death)
7. And His Wounds Shall Devour the Heavens

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In the eerie echoes of a prolonged silence, from the shadows emerges an esoteric revelation of sinister power. Shrouded in enigma, INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS unveils their long-awaited third opus, “Temples Colliding In Fire”, a tempest of blackened heavy metal magick that transcends boundaries and defies mundane expectations.
Veiled in mysteries of the liminal darkness, heralded by the dance of celestial bodies, the album stands as an audacious testament to the band’s enduring vitality and glorious resurrection, and offers seven incantations blurring the divide between the sacred and the profane, the blessing and the curse, each track a chalice overflowing with unprecedented power. This is not mere music but a mesmerizing odyssey into mystic realms.
The work of luminary artist David Glomba, the cover painting of “Temples Colliding In Fire” depicts the ominous pulsating presence of Algol, the Demon Star, and serves as a portal—a visual invocation guiding listeners through the mesmeric journey orchestrated by William Jackson (drums, guitar, vocals), Alexander James (bass, guitar, vocals) and Guillaume Martin (guitars and effects).
Produced by the latter, then mastered by Tore Stjerna, the album was birthed within the hallowed halls of Sonorous Studio. Here, amidst spectral echoes and whispers of the arcane, INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS sculpted an auditory necromancy destined to etch its mark upon the fabric of black metal history. Prepare yourself to embrace the illumination and traverse the unknown darkness.


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