Deadly Carnage – Endless Blue LP


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01 – Dying Sun 5:58
02 – Sublime Connection 5:52
03 – The Clue 3:51
04 – Blue Womb 4:48


01 – Mononoke 5:19
02 – Swan Season 4:30
03 – Moans, Grief and Wails 4:15
04 – Unknown Shores 4:20

Total Running Time: 38 min 53 sec

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A core member of the ATMF sub-label A Sad Sadness Song, 5 years after the acclaimed album “Through The Void, Above The Suns” Deadly Carnage are ready to enchant the scene with a new work, “Endless Blue”.

Musically speaking the band continues on its personal path to bring avant-garde and progressive elements to their dark doom metal. The concept behind “Endless Blue” sinks its roots in Japanese folklore, a mysterious, fascinating and often cryptic world of mountains and fathomless abysses populated by ancestral spirits like Yokai, Oni and Yurei.

Freely inspired by Urashima Tarō’s legend “Endless Blu”, Deadly Carnage draws us in the Nipponic marine depths, a symbolic journey of descent and ascent where every song is a specific chapter of the story and where the music, rich in melodic textures and crepuscular sounds, moves with ease from the dark shadings of atmospheric black metal to post-rock territories and doomish intimism. It took the band 5 years to develop an even more personal sound, also thanks to the use of unusual instruments such as the erhu, the bouzouki and the lute. The result is extremely fascinating, and a perfect fusion of music and artwork.

“Endless Blue” will be released on September 29th, 2023 as a luxurious A5 Digipack CD edition with insert, limited to 400 copies, and as a 12″ Vinyl LP on December 2023 in Gatefold sleeve, pressed in 3 different colours , ltd to 300 units equally divided between red blood, sea blue & beer brown colours.

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