Goatchrist – Odes to the Radiant One CD


1. Baruch Atta Adonai… 00:22
2. I, the Lawgiver 06:32
3. The Emergence of Tiferet from That Qlipa Which Envelopes Binah 04:48
4. Proclamations of the Baal Shem Tov 06:56
5. Interlude 01:22
6. Of the Sephirot (Which Art the Qlippoth) 06:22
7. Transcending the Boundaries of Ayin 04:03
8. A People Embattled (or, a Song for Those Who Wrestle with El) 05:14
9. Jacob’s Ladder 04:52
10. Im HaShem Lo Yivneh Bayis 03:48

Total running time: 44:19

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Goatchrist is a vehicle through which occult concepts are unveiled in a culturally-themed context. Unlike most other trendy “occult” bands, who sing about dark fantasy, Goatchrist draws upon a range of metaphysical, ethical and ontological considerations from such diverse pathways as Hermeticism, Pythagoreanism, Kabbalah, Vaishnavism and Vajrayana; the aim of the project is to, present a new musical lecture which, relative to the cultural and religious background of the topic, declothes actual mechanisms of reality itself.

This album considers Kabbalah, and explains such notions as sephirot and qlippot, ain (and ain soph, and ain soph aur), the nature and qualities of God (which itself is the undivided total of existence – the sum total of each and every ‘thing’ which is, manifest or unmanifest).

The writings which first unveiled these topics are those such as Sefer HaZohar, the great Book of Radiance of Moshe de Leon, whose 22-volume enormity continues to ever-be a repository for all things soul-building. Other books from which I learnt and understood Kabbalah are Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages, and various books of Aleister Crowley (though, much of Crowley is for the already-advanced occultist, and so is lost on those who cannot even basically navigate the allegorical-symbolical maze of pointers-to-higher-concepts which is religious language). References go far beyond the limiting metal border, getting contacts with the harmonic approach of Liszt, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky transcended through the blackness of metal.

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