Midnight Odyssey – Echoes Of A Celestial Ruin 3CD


CD 1 – Ruins of a Celestial Fire
1. Celestial Fires on the Path to Antares (15:23)
2. A Symphony in Stardust (15:24)
3. Ruins Of A Crystal Sky (15:26)
4. Tundras Hidden from the Sibling Sun (14:57)


CD 2 – Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall
1. Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall (11:12)
2. The Stars Through Smoke Filled Eyes (17:03)
3. Of Desolate Poison Oceans (15:40)
4. Lost Planets of the Orrery (14:56)


CD 3 – Echoes of the Thalassic Deep
1. Under The Alien Sea (14:24)
2. Moonbeams on the Sunken Graves (16:54)
3. As Death Rises from the Thalassic Deep (15:02)
4. The Tombs of Legends Past (14:25)

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Waiting for the last chapter of the ambitious “Biolume” trilogy, Australia’s MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY also bring to fruition their space ambient trilogy, started in 2020 and inspired by the sci-fi narrative of the 70s. Entirely instrumental and imbued with wonderful cosmic melodies, a MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s trademark also in their most famous atmospheric metal incarnation, “Echoes from a Celestial Ruin” collects the two monumental albums (“Ruins of a Celestial Fire” and “Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall”) already available through Bandcamp, and the last, unpublished chapter of the trilogy, “Echoes from a Thalassic Deep”. This time, the enveloping charm of Dis Pater’s music meets darker narrative themes than usual, where the idea of a journey to discover vanished alien civilizations seems to cast a disturbing shadow on the toxic and violent reality of our days. “The themes are about ruined civilizations,” sole member Dis Pater explains; “there is no real narrative, the song titles and album artwork will hopefully enable your own imaginations to run wild and fill in the lines in between. As I watch the world around us today, I can’t help but feel we are on the verge of becoming one of these ruined civilizations. No real advanced life-forms, but fragments of what once was.”

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