Hussar – All-Consuming Hunger CD


1. Ritualistic Castration Of The Feeble-Minded Cowards
2. Blind Charge Into Gunfire
3. All-Consuming Hunger
4. Citadel
5. Dissonant Weeping Of A Thousand Widows
6. A Vile And Hollow Shell

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Hailing from Canada, HUSSAR burst onto the death metal scene with a bombshell debut album, “All-Consuming Hunger,” a concentrate of ultra-heavy and powerful guitar riffs mounted on a crushing rhythm section.

The effect on the listener’s eardrums is that of a tank that proceeds inexorably breaking through everything it encounters. The metaphor is not out of place, given that in “All-Consuming Hunger” HUSSAR tell stories of war, denouncing its inhumanity and horrors, the sacrifice of soldiers sent to the slaughterhouse by unscrupulous superiors, the paranoia of the troops in the trenches, the frustration of the war widows, the disfigured faces of those who found themselves too close to an exploding mine…

Featuring the vocals of guest Phil Tougas (Chthe’ilist, VoidCeremony, Funebrarum) in the title track, HUSSAR’s “All-Consuming Hunger” is devastating, hypnotic and progressive in its own way, a medal of valor on the chest of these young death metal soldiers.

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