Kommandant – The Architects of Extermination CD


1. Let Our Vengeance Rise 05:20
2. The Architects of Extermination 04:20
3. Oedipism 04:59
4. Acquisition of Power 05:02
5. And Nation Shall Rise Against Nation 04:26
6. Rise and Fall of Empire 07:40
7. Onward to Extinction 06:47


Total Running Time: 38:34

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It’s a quantic challenge anytime Kommandant are ready to perform their new metal aggression to the scene.

“The Architects Of Extermination” doesn’t make any exception and it’s representing a milestone in the growth of the band and the evolution of the Black Metal experience.

The hardest matter in talking about the Kommandant musical form is not by discussing about the patterns but to try to analyse the methods in forging an atmosphere that has a strong ability to surround the listener with a familiar but at the same time so pristine feeling.

The industrial and martial mood is in fact so deeply merged in to the chords of the metal riffs that it sounds reactive and inappropriate to evoke the term of the industrial music. We’re mostly talking about an industrial black metal attitude with a threating martial atmosphere.

The guitar riffs have a strong heavy impact, a large manifestation of the tones, but the incredible personal feeling shows on the guise and terminal shape of the Architects’ monument. Strength, unity and enthralling magnitude is the outcome of this new powerful creature.

Artwork is another elitist craft of italian artist Francesco Gemelli (Abigor, Spectral Lore, Janus, Urna…)

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