Ornæmental Shine – Deima Panikon CD


1. Numinous Presence (8:16)
2. Mysterium Tremendum Et Fascinans (13:06)
3. Apokathastasis (7:56)

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ORNÆMENTAL SHINE’s debut album, “Deima Panikon” is an obsessive elaboration on madness and the connection it establishes with the categories of mysticism and esotericism, the album title referencing terror towards the Divine when a subject connects with it.
Featuring members of UADA and BLACK HATE, ORNÆMENTAL SHINE plays an erratic and atypical black metal which expresses the “Other,” the non-reason/madness, while the lyrics focus on the link between the Madman and the Mystical, the I and All, conjoined to reach the goal of divine knowledge.
Through the three long tracks of “Deima Panikon,” the vocal approach is almost theatrical and constitutes an erratic consciousness, freed – or trying to be – from the boundaries of logic and rationality, focusing on revelation and an apparent senseless discourse. 
“I speak and I burn: I am not what I am! ALLELUIA!”
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