Sartegos – Portais CD


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1. Cripta (01:47)
2. Sangue do Carneiro (04:42)
3. A Serpe do Escarnio (04:10)
4. Intro (00:56)
5. A Porta do Alem (05:35)
6. Negrumante (01:57)
7. Mortualha (04:37)
8. Altar Petreo, Sanguento (03:52)
9. Ti Que Fitas Dende a Escuridade (04:34)
10. A Chegada do Inominavel (06:02)
11. Outro (01:01)
12. As Asas do Morcego (01:07)
13. Umha Dança de Estrelas Negras (06:33)
14. Ele Viu As Suas Maos (07:34)
15. Lume do Visitante – Morrer no Nascente (06:36)

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“Portais” (Portals in English) compiles for the first time on CD all the SARTEGOS’ seminal demo recordings – “A Serpe Do Escarnio” (2010) and “Mortualha” (2011) – and the tracks from the vinyl splits with YSENGRIN and BALMOG, as well as lyrics and a rich collection of photos that trace the history of the Galician band. A retrospective that celebrates SARTEGOS’ 15 years of activity, awaiting a new chapter in their occult black/death metal discography.
“Three times five. Fifteen years passed since the very first spark of what SARTEGOS is today,” says guitarist/vocalist Rou; “fifteen years of this journey through dark paths and ways where all these portals are. Because every recording compiled here is a portal to a particular moment is this project’s life where – from the primitive spontaneity of “A Serpe Do Escarnio” to the anticipatory “Lume do Visitante – Morrer do Nascente” – all has its purpose, place and meaning. This retrospective is therefore a key. A key to four Portals.”

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