Undulation – An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering CD

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1. Amethyst Necropolis (Une Charogne) (02:10)
2. Judith Beheading Holofernes (04:21)
3. Undulator (03:55)
4. Failures of the Demiurge (06:05)
5. Acid, Vinegar (05:34)
6. Dressed for Her Execution (06:05)

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Formed in 2022 in Seattle by Zach Purtell and Dylan Berry out of the ashes of an old death metal project, UNDULATION quickly recruited Seth Death, Nelson Payne and The Executioner -all from very diverse backgrounds in extreme music- to give birth to a unique metal project that proclaimed itself as “Le Gran Guignol Of Cascadia”.
Through the dappled sunlight of broken rose windows, their ritual begins like a writhing, pulsating wyrm thirsty for innocent blood. UNDULATION paint a horrid beauty like gallows in a field of flowers. Their cacophony blooms into a blurred, surreal vision of melodic blackened death metal that blends together twisted surreal and occult imagery alongside vile and chaotic compositions, with swelling guitar arpeggios and a musical vibe that has been compared to The Black Dahlia Murder, Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice, Weakling and At The Gates, among the others.
On June 10th, 2023 UNDULATION released via Bandcamp their first 28-min EP, “An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering”, now available on a limited edition CD through I, Voidhanger Records, which welcomed the band into its roster and which will be responsible for releasing their first full-length album, currently in production.