Seid – Ulv CD


1. Monolith 06:34
2. Spider In The Web Of Urd 03:58
3. To Stain The Fields Of Vígríðr 04:04
4. A Gift For The Wanderer 05:18
5. Magnum Tenebris Die 04:46
6. Ulv 05:16
7. Odal Lands 06:11
8. Visa från Wotanmyra 03:17

Total running time: 39:24

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“From the capital of Sweden, a thunderstorm is rolling towards us that brings arctic cold and a huge storm” – Undergrounded.

Ulv will continue the norse saga, where Darkness Shall Fall has ended.

Seiðr has written again a magnificent monument of black metal music.
The whole album is dedicated to his first born son.
This isn’t merely a musical journey, it´s also a huge step to self-transcendence. but still deliver a vehement norse black metal attack.

This music is a cold scream in the expanding cold void journey of the predominant northern nature…

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