Lotus Thief / Forlesen – S/T CD


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1. LOTUS THIEF – In Perdition (11:24)
2. FORLESEN – Black Is The Color (11:46)

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Sharing several members between the two bands, FORLESEN and LOTUS THIEF cross paths in an EP that highlights their different approaches while revealing new facets of each.
Begun during the global pandemic of 2020 and refined over the following years, the two songs of this release evoke themes of the infernal and divine as experienced in the transcendent daily occurrences of love and death during a time of plague.
“In Perdition” shows LOTUS THIEF in unprecedentedly epic form, drawing its source material from Giovanni Boccaccio’s “The Decameron” (1353), in which people sheltered in place during the Black Death, telling tales to pass the time.
With “Black Is The Color”, FORLESEN are at perhaps their most accessible, putting their singular stamp on the old standard and transforming it into a dirge both funereal and soaring.

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